Data Management Designed with Purpose

Built for manufacturers who want to collect discrete data, generate reports, and analyze data to improve and streamline their manufacturing process. Unlike other traditional data collection systems, DataSnare does not continuously poll and store data; rather, it allows you to specifically program triggers and collect specific data at specific points in time at specific process conditions. This keeps your network free of unnecessary process data and allows your database and long term archives to remain manageable

Collecting data on your automation and control equipment doesn’t have to be difficult. Neither does reporting.

DataSnare Data Logger - OPC Data Collection Independent of Manufacturer

We’ve built the most flexible, OPC Data Logger around to help you get the insights you need, directly from your PLCs or HMIs.

DataSnare OPC Data Logger gives the power of choice back to customers.

Use it with the automation systems you already have and stop worrying about compatibility with new equipment you add as you grow your operation.

Compatible with many devices

  • PLCs – Collect data from any PLC

  • HMI Data – Store HMI alerts and messages.

  • Servers – Performance data and logs

  • Workstations – Event, uptime and access data.

  • OPC-UA Devices – Data from any OPC-UA compliant device.

Compatible with many PLCS and HMIS

Works with OPC UA PLCs, HMIs and Servers

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Datasnare Hardware Specifications

Fast hardware by default. Upgrades available to suit your needs.

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  • Memory – 4 GB Memory (expandable to 8GB)

  • Communication – Ethernet and Wi-Fi enabled

  • Storage – 500 GB SSD

  • CPU – 2.24 Ghz, quad-core

  • Cooling – Fanless Cooling

  • Upgradable – Expanded hardware available on request

Resistant to Data Loss

  • Local Cache – Store and forward architecture makes sure you don’t lose process data due to network outages.

  • Database stored – Datasnare OPC Data Logger can write process data into multiple database types for archival data

  • Cloud Backups – Cloud server backups of process data are available.

  • Business Rules – Only store the data you need with business rules managed through snare management for your process tags.

  • Collect Type Setting – Choose to collect a process tag value in multiple ways. Each time, when the value changes, or on a schedule.

Data Integrity

Local data caching and cloud backups

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DataSnare Product Offerings

DataSnare Purchase

  • Hardware Support – 1 Year
  • Track up to 1000 OPC-UA tags (multiple sources)

DataSnare - 6 Month Financing

$26000per Month
  • Hardware Support – 1 Year
  • Track up to 1000 OPC-UA tags (multiple sources)

DataSnare - 12 Month Financing

$13500per Month
  • Hardware Support – 1 Year
  • Track up to 1000 OPC-UA tags (multiple sources)


1. Fill out the DataSnare request form on this page.

Fillout our form to the best of your ability, explaining:

  • The nature and format of the data you want DataSnare to collect and what machine(s) the data will be collected from.

  • The information you’d like DataSnare to report on and any non-standard calculations that would be necessary to transform your raw data for reporting.

  • Basic contact information. Company, name, etc.

2. Our team will review your request, answer any questions, and schedule a consultation meeting.

We reach out via email to cover any preliminary questions. Once ready to move forward, we will schedule a conference call with you to review the initial information you’ve provided us and allow you to ask any clarifying questions about data collection, and our reporting.

During the consultation we’ll also ask our own questions to make sure we fully understand your data needs, business processes, device connectivity, and data access and retention requirements.

Once we understand the specifics of your business, we’ll send an excel template document where your company will list your tag data and meta data necessary to collect commission your DataSnare and create your reports.

3. We commission and deliver your DataSnare device.

After we receive your tag information document, you’ll receive an invoice for the cost of the unit.

Once payment has been received your DataSnare unit will be commissioned and shipped along with installation instructions. Shipping will occur as soon as possible, but assuming available stock can be expected within 10 business days of the purchase + shipping time.

When your unit arrives, our team of specialists will be available to troubleshooting your device installation. Once installed, we will begin collecting your data and confirm that all tags in your tag information document are correctly tracked.

4. We setup your report server and users.

During commissioning and shipping, our team will request user information (names, emails, groups) for the setup of your DataSnare Report Server. Each DataSnare unit comes with 6 months of our DataSnare Report Server Subscription free! The tier of your subscription is based off the DataSnare package you purchase.

Finally, we build the free reports which come with your DataSnare purchase, allowing up to 3 revisions per report before additional costs are incurred.

Your installation will end with our on-boarding session which can be attended by as many employees as your subscription tier allows. During this session we’ll teach users to login, create reports, publish reports, organize reports into categories, schedule reports and manage new users and user groups.



    Dimensions 136.6 x 102.4 x 52 (mm)
    System Fan Fanless
    System Fan Fanless
    Chassis Construction Extruded Aluminum alloy
    CPU Intel Celeron N3160

    (up to 2.24 Ghz, quad-core, 2 MB cache, TDP=6w)

    Chipset SoC
    System Memory 1 x 204-pin DDR3L SO-DIMM Slot

    (2GB pre-installed, 8GB System Max)

    Hard Drive 1 x 2.5″ SATA 6GB/s HDD/SSD bay
    I/O Interfaces
    USB 3.0 4 x USB 3.0 ports
    Ethernet 2 x RJ-45 PCIe GbE by Intel l211 controller
    RS0234/422/485 2 x RJ-45 RS-232/422/485
    Button 1 x Power Button, 1 X AT/ATX switch, 1 x Reset button
    Display 1 x HDMI, 1 x VGA
    Resolution HDMI: 3840 x 2160@30MHz

    VGA: 1920 x 1200@60Hz

    Audio 1 x Line-out, 1 x Line-in
    Wireless 1 x 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (optional)
    PCIe Mini 1 x Full-size PCIe Mini (support mSATA, colay with SATA)
    Power Input DC Jack: 12 V DC
    Power Consumption 12V @ 2A (Intel Celeron N3160 with 2 GB Memory
    Mounting Wall mount< VESA 75
    Operating Temperature -20C ~60C with airflow (SSD)

    10 % ~ 95%, non-condensing

    Operating Shock Half-sine wave shock 5G, 11ms, 3 shocks per axis
    Operating Vibration MIL-STD-810F 514.5 C-1 (HDD)

    MIL-STD-810F 514.5 C-2 (SSD)

    Weight 1470 g/1.4kg
    Safety/EMC CE/FCC
    Support OS Ubuntu 16.04