Getting Started Using DataSnare

Using Public Datasets

We are continually gathering public datasets that are credible and important to our day to day lives.  You can browse current public datasets here.

Public data can be presented in any fashion you want with DataSnare.  Our powerful dashboards and reporting options allow you to present the data in a way that helps reveal what you want to see from the data.

When you see a chart or graph from someone on social media or the news have you ever wondered if the chart is true?  Of course you have–we all have.  With our public datasets, you can see exactly where the data comes from and slice it and dice it however you want.

We also have public dashboards where our data analysts have put together samples to showcase the data.  You can link to any of these,  or with an account, create your own dashboards, reports, or simple charts using the same data.

  • Covid Data

  • Federal Government Spending

Private Data

Securely store private datasets that only you can see and use.  This data can be from any of the numerous data provider that we integrate with–browse data providers.  Your private datasets are accessed by our powerful graphing and charting wizards to create stunning dashboards or reports.

What data can you use?  Any data as long as we can link to it with a data provider.

  • Production data via our OPC Data Collector
  • Build a scheduling dashboard with a linked database table or excel spreadsheet.
  • Display a live updating dashboard on a TV or monitor with your private data from production, marketing, or sales.
  • Need some inspiring ideas?  Check out these samples.