Track process changes by monitoring configuration tags

Save time with alerts on OPC UA process and configuration tags

Automation processes must be reliable, consistent and most importantly – Understood. To ensure return on investments, visibility at the highest level of a process should be easy and shouldn’t require an administrative user to remotely connect to their production systems and dig through hundreds or thousands of tags to see tune the performance of their equipment.

Datasnare OPC Data Logger can simplify this process by understanding which program tags are configuration related, and monitor them for unexpected changes. Optionally, administrators can set up email alerts associated with a particular tag to be notified of changes. These email alerts can be sent to individual users or user groups.

Our snare management portal lets you:

  • Identify your process and configuration tags.
  • Give tags a human-friendly name.
  • Add comments which are saved alongside each tag.
  • Determine the range or value to trigger an email alert.

You can export tag configurations into simple file formats, or directly into a database and create regular backups of configurations to protect from data loss, or to save different configurations for different processes.

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